Big Brother Betting Odds 2012

big brotherEvery year we can’t help but glue ourselves to the television or laptop, in an effort to watch hours of endless footage of complete strangers, who try to manipulate their way to the top spot and be crowned Big Brother Winner.

But to do so the contestants have to endure humiliating tasks, sleep deprivation and the general bitching and spiteful behaviour of their fellow housemates; who do all they can to climb over each other to win, in some cases quite literally.

It’s not just the prize money that gets thousands of people auditioning to be one of the lucky few, every minute spent in the Big Brother house brings a little bit of extra exposure in their search for fame.

Previous winners and contestants have gone on to become household names, whereas others have crumbled under the media spotlight and slithered away to continue lives hoping to forget the entire experience.

From week one, contestants are greeted on their exit by friends, family and the all-important agents and theirs endorsement offers.

Current presenter Brian Dowling is a previous winner who has never look back since being crowned the 2001 Big Brother winner, which was the shows second series.

In this year’s series the ever changing house has a Las Vegas theme. We have already waved goodbye to six contestants who wanted to extend their five minutes of fame, with the latest being Shievonne Robinson.

Of the remaining 11 contestants Adam Kelly and Deana Uppal can barely be separated. Adam, a 27 year old former gang member is 7/2, just half a point ahead of the current Miss India UK, Deana.

But there’s a long way to go yet and as we’ve witnessed in the past, even the most hated contestants can turn the viewers around and survive until the final night.

Latest Big Brother Betting Odds

Adam Kelly – 7/2,

Arron Lowe – Evicted,

Ashleigh Hughes – 33/1,

Becky Hannon – 41/1,

Benedict Garrett – Evicted,

Caroline Wharram – 84/1,

Chris James – Evicted,

Conor McIntyre – 45/1,

Deana Uppal – 7/2,

Lauren Carre – 6/1,

Luke Anderson – 9/2,

Luke Scrase – 21/1,

Lydia Louisa – Evicted,

Sara McLean – 8/1,

Scott Mason – 27/1,

Shievonne Robinson – Evicted,

Victoria Eisermann – Evicted.