Weird Sport Beer Drinking Competitions

Sport 19 in our weird sport series is beer drinking, a sport that has brought us so many finely tuned athlete’s.

As friar Tuck once said: This is grain, which any fool can eat, but for which the Lord intended a more divine means of consumption. Let us give praise to our maker and glory to his bounty by learning about… BEER.

2Since the creation of the magic of beer, it seems that man has challenged himself and others to drink as much as they can as quickly as they can. As humanity has developed so have the games involved in the drinking of beer.

The website found here: has an interesting article on the history of drinking games.

Starting with the Greeks and Plato who seemed to be the first person to think “I know I’ll write this shit down because people years from now might be interested” and are credited with the first drinking games. But personally I find it hard to imagine that tribes across the globe who encountered or experienced fermentation, didn’t immediately come up with a way of challenging each other to drink faster, longer and until they threw up.

From such noble and humble beginnings, drinking games have evolved to keep pace with the times.

Modern drinking games are almost countless, especially when they involve particular films or TV shows. Anyone who has had to take a fourth shot when Picard straightens his top will know that even the most innocuous show can become the source of beveraged competition.

Googleing Songs of Praise Drinking Games didn’t provide a satisfactory response, however I am sure that in a household somewhere the traditional opening music is accompanied with the hissing of opening beer cans.

1Entire films have been devoted to the competitive forms of beer drinking :

Beerfest Youtube clip:

Something of a guilty pleasure for me that film.

With any inherently self destructive game, measured competition rules must be made and enforced.

Some of the more common rules include: no spillage, no throwing up, in a relay race wait for your turn and in all races the glass must be empty.

Looking at some of the Oktoberfest competitions on Youtube the rules in the final can be relaxed. I suppose a whole day of competitive beer drinking takes its toll on the body, leaving the competitors barely able to stand up; let alone down another two pint stein.

So what is the future for the sport of competitive beer drinking?

Vast, varied and as long as brewing is still legal, there will be an age as golden as the carbonated alcoholic beverages the competition has been created for.