Weird Sport Bossaball

This sport seems to have been embraced in quite a few countries:

Bossaball: another combination sport, this time it is beach football, volleyball, gymnastics and something called capoeira all put together on a specialised inflatable court with built in trampolines.

2The game was invented by a Belgian living in Spain and as you can see on the main homepage, it has a very large following in groups and clubs.

This Youtube video: does a very good job of showing the game in play and highlights some of the rules that must be followed.

Music seems to be a central part of the game so the crowds’ cheering doesn’t put the players off, but I suppose it helps provide an extra layer of excitement. I wouldn’t have thought that the players could do much shouting, as they bounce and back flip around without throwing up all over the place. The referee controls the music as well as ensuring that the rules are followed and keeps the score, so maybe it is to drown out the crowd chants aimed at him instead.

So down to some of the rules for the game:

Played between two teams (three or four would be far too confusing!) like volley ball you need to hit the ball so your opponent cannot return it and it lands in their side of the court.

Each team can touch the ball between 5 and 6 times in a row depending upon the level the game that is being played. This can be the volley ball method using the hands or lower arms or Soccer, which is a double touch but only counts as one.

1The raised area around the trampoline is called the bossawall and the ball may bounce or roll; only when it comes to rest will the point be awarded. Probably to stop the whole team from launching themselves at the guy on the trampoline.

There is a relatively complex scoring system in place for the teams which seems to be as follows:

Volley touch: 1 point for hitting the opponents playing area, 3 points for hitting the trampoline area.

Soccer area: 3 points for hitting the playing area and 5 points for directly hitting the trampoline area.

Higher points are obviously awarded for the difficulty involved in ‘spiking’ a ball by kicking it. The winning team has to win three sets, but to win a set the team need to be the first to reach 25 points with a two point lead.

So there we have it Bossaball, guaranteed to make the players throw up and give the spectator’s whiplash, but at least the ref can keep some self-esteem.