Weird Sport – Bunny Hopping

This week’s review of weird sports turns to Bunny Hopping.

The best description is show jumping for bunny rabbits.

Invented in Sweden in 1980 (ish), other countries have also taken this sport to heart when training their pet rabbits. The competition in Denmark has set rules and regulations and contains several categories of competition: Straight Course, Crooked Course, High and Long jump.

The first UK competition was held in the summer of 2008, with the UK group helping to raise money for Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund.

bunny hoppingRabbit jumping is fun for pet and owner, plus it’s a great way to keep you both fit and strengthen your bond.

Some breeders considered the sport to be a flash in the pan, but thirty years later it is still going strong and seems to have attracted a large number of spectators with local media outlets providing reports of the events as they occur.

In some ways the event is like Crufts only it doesn’t have the standing and staring bits, where the judges measure the participants against the “ideal” shape of the particular breed or cup their testicles.

bunny hoppingIt is difficult writing about a sport involving rabbit’s and steering clear of the possible adult connotation of the sport. It would be only too easy to make comments about more powerful batteries increasing the “height” and “length” of the rabbits “jumps” or certain performance enhancing “stimulants” providing more stamina. But no, that would cheapen not only this article but the sport of rabbit jumping itself; that is the last thing that I want to do.

So rabbit hopping, where rabbits get to jump over objects, run then jump over objects and generally leap to their hearts content.

Lots of information about rabbits in general and rabbit hopping can be found here:

Or if you’re really keen, here’s a video from the Danish championship: