Weird Sport Clog Cobbing

Clog Cobbing is a shoe based competition dating back to the 1960’s, which has been linked to charities since its creation (a bit like children in need I suppose).

clogsHeld on Easter Monday, the Clog Cobbing competition involves launching a traditional clog (Shoe with a wooden sole and a leather upper) over their shoulder along a particular road.

The Road in question runs next to a river, which is used as the water hazard of the event.

It is a distance challenge like shot-put or javelin, so the person to launch the footwear the furthest is the person who wins.

There are three categories, Men, Women and Children although I don’t think that the clog changes. Prizes are awarded as food or drink and of course the respect of your peers.

The Town of Rawtenstall in Lancashire has kept the competition as a charity event, with stalls and a tug of war to round out the festivities and encourage participation.

This is another strange sport where Wikipedia has let me down. But YouTube provides:

This is another strange sport where pretty much everyone has taken part in it at some point, so if you have thrown a shoe you are an amateur Clog Cobber. I once did this extremely well during a bout of mortal combat with a house spider, which just goes to show human ingenuity means that you are never truly unarmed in the vicious war on nature.

A word of warning though, if you have ever been one of those people who have tied shoelaces together and thrown them over phone or power lines, then you have done it wrong and should be shunned by your friends and relatives.

Clog Cobbing. Throwing a shoe over your shoulder in the pouring rain on an Easter Monday; it’s what made Britain great.