Weird Sport – Scottish Highland Games

Time for some proper sports and to be honest these aren’t necessarily weird, but they are regional ones which may be weird to others.

So here we are with the Scottish Highland Games.

Created in the lost mists of history, the Scottish highland games are something like the Olympics. The highland games were a competition between clans with tests of strength and skill.

The modern games include several events:

The Caber toss, certainly a well-known competition. The event involves the lifting and throwing of what can only be described as a tree trunk, as far as you can. The rules allow the top end of the caber to hit the floor and flip it for greater distance.

Sheaf toss: this involved a bale of hay, a high jump pole and probably a few wrenched muscles, as the competitors do their best to launch a heavy bale of hay over the pole. There are different weights for men and women but they keep the heights the same.

Stone put: like the cave man version of the shot put, stone put is played pretty much the same, but uses stones of varying weights and sizes.

Scottish hammer throw: this entry takes sheer strength and agility as the contender has to throw a 22lb metal ball (for men, 16lb for women). The ball is connected to a pole made of either wood, bamboo, rattan, or plastic and it’s the sheer speed of the throw that will determine the distance in which it lands; obviously the further the distance the better chance you have of winning!

Weight throw: similar to the stone put and Scottish hammer throw, this event involves throwing a chained weight as far as you can. The difference here is that you can only throw it one handed, but any style of throwing is acceptable as long as it only involves one hand.

Weight over the bar: again similar to the other but a more solid version of the Sheaf toss. The competitors throw a heavy weight into the air to get over a horizontal bar.; again they may only attempt this with one hand.

Of course the highland games aren’t necessarily restricted to Scotland if you ever find yourself in Ferndale, Washington during the Bellingham Highland Games you can hunt the Nessie Eggs (small Watermelons) hidden around the park to collect prizes.

So now we conclude our look at the Scottish Highland Games, an ancient rival to the actual Greek and modern Olympics.