Weird Sport Stacking

The next weird sport we are looking at is sport stacking or cup stacking.

I have easily lost about half an hour just watching this sport on you tube. I get that any attempt on my part to describe it will fail, so here is about 7 minutes of highlights to save you a good twenty of looking round yourself.

This kid filmed this to become part of a dvd:

betfair 1Fast hand eye coordination help with his obviously polished routine and pattern. Quite impressive, although not necessarily the best (I don’t think he is the world record holder anyway.)

This next one is a bit more realistic. The second person in the clip probably provides a good baseline if I were ever to attempt this:

I was going to link to a video of glasses smashing to say what would really happen if I tried to do this sport, but you tube has abandoned me!

Anyway the sport itself seems to be covered in those two videos so it’s probably time to have a look at the wider picture.

Governed by the World Sport Stacking Association WSSA, although I feel I should point out that Googleing WSSA bring up Weed Science Society of America as the first result; if you don’t want to risk Googleing then here is the link:

For a weird sport it is one of the more organised ones. Tournaments are held across the globe. There are different divisions and age categories. World records are monitored and verified. There is even official equipment including timers and, surprisingly, cups to stack with.

As detailed on Wikipedia: the sport was invented by Wayne Godinet and formalised by PE teacher Bob Fox (there go the teachers again). The first proper tournament occurred in 2004 after the creation of the rules and the company that sells all of the sports related equipment.

This must be a sport that is begging for the hybrid sport treatment. But what could it be?

There is already a race against time and a team and relay event as seen in the first video, they even use thimbles and buckets to increase the difficulty.

Maybe we should look to the other weird sports. I give you Tar cups. A mixture of the Ottery Tar Barrels and Sport Stacking where contestants set fire to the cups and stack as fast as they can without getting burned.

I will admit that might not be the best combination so for now maybe just normal sport stacking is the best way to go!