Weird Sports – Camel Racing

My next article for a Monday night is on Camel Racing.

Apparently anywhere there is a desert and there are Camels, there’s Camel Racing.

camel racing 1This website: has quite a bit of detail on Camel racing, but I must warn you that you may see the odd Camel toe; so I will just put some of the more interesting points in this review.

When racing Camels the top speed is forty miles per hour. The recent gold cup winner completed a 10 kilometre race in 17 minutes and seven seconds, which averaged out at 21.76 miles per hour.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica says that the sport is limited to the dromedary species of Camel. Which is a large single humped Camel and is the second largest of the Bactrian Camel Family.


Prior to writing this review my only real exposure to Camel racing was watching the film The Mummy, where the two groups arrive at Hammunaptra, wait for the dawn, then race to the city. In that race the Camels seemed to beat the horses quite easily and I suspect (referring back to Man Vs Horse) they would have beaten a man on foot (Maybe Man Vs Camel will be invented sometime soon??).

camel racing 2OK I just Googled that and one of the results was Midgets Vs Camels which sounds much more interesting than my idea and may yet feature in this series of weird sports specials.

So Camel Racing. Similar to horse racing and is conducted all over the world. Some countries take this event very seriously as a traditional sport in their region of the world. Particularly in the Arab countries of the Middle East where the sport became extremely popular, spawning its own training, breeding, and research industries.

It is difficult to provide any of the rules to Camel Racing as the Camel Racing world seems to have taken inspiration from thoroughbred Horse Racing and each region has their own variation. But whatever the rules are, Camel Racing is probably worth a watch, even if it is just digging out your The Mummy DVD and watching it again.

It still a good film all these years later.