Weird Sports – Cheese Rolling


220px-CheeseMasterThis week we will be looking at a sport that is related to something very close to my heart, Cheese Rolling.

For those of you who feel betrayed by me saying that there is a sport close to my heart don’t worry, it is the cheese that is close to my heart.

My first reaction to this sport is that it is a waste of Cheese. The Second is that it is a dangerous use of cheese.

For a great deal of detailed information this site is a must:

Traditionally the sport of Cheese Rolling takes place on the second May Bank holiday. The competitors (between 2 and 20) line up at the top of the hill.

The Cheese is released and the competitors run down the hill after the cheese. The first to reach the bottom wins the race and the Cheese.

That sounds quite easy however, the hill is a 1 in 2 gradient and the cheese reaches a speed of 30 MPH before it hits the bottom. To their credit some of the competitors reach this speed also, but not necessarily during a controlled journey to the bottom.

Accidents are likely, if not impossible to avoid for someone of my physical abilities for example. Medics are available (and used) on site for people who do take an awkward tumble on the way down.cheesecheese2

Now, I had a wheel of gorgeous Wensleydale Cheese as a birthday present one year and that sheer volume of Cheese weighs A LOT. Nothing is specifically mentioned about keeping people away from the finish line. But I don’t think it would be a good idea waiting at the bottom of a very steep hill, whilst a heavy lump of cheese is hurtling towards you at 30 mile per hour.

So if like me you are willing to take your life into your own hands just for the promise of cheese on toast for tea, then check out Cheese Rolling; or just buy some from a supermarket. If you go on a Sunday morning you can still take your life into your own hands and have to race everyone else to the tills.

To view last years enthralling Cheese Rolling contest follow this link – cheese rolling