Weird Sports – Doughman Challenge



I have to admit that I saw this on TV and it looked so interesting, that I thought it would be a good idea for the next sport.

So here it is, the Doughman Challenge.


Doughman Challange is in its sixth year this year and raises funds for the local production of food. This year they are supporting a project launched by local public schools; the Durham Public Schools Hub Farm.

The Race is essentially a four person relay involving both eating and the consumption of food. The challenge is broken into Eating/Athletic, Eating/Swim, Eating/Bike and Eating/Sprint at the end.

Teams can include one vegetarian and one vegan, for those who live an alternative life style. In a similar way to Chess boxing, this is an amalgamation of two sporting events to create a doughathalon.

The rules for the event include; the number of players per team must be four people aged 18 or older, the team supplies its own bike for that leg of the race, riders must wear a safety helmet (or skid lid as they are more commonly known), vomiting is frowned upon and may lead to penalties even disqualification and of course costumes are encouraged.

A quite interesting video following one team’s experience of the race, can be seen here:

Surprisingly this is yet another sport that I appear to have some experience of.

Difficult to believe I know, but there are some morning when I am running late and I end up shoveling a small amount of breakfast down my mouth and leaving the house. That covers the eating part of the challenge.

The next part of the challenge comes when I see that the bus to work is already at the stop waiting. This is the race part.

I would like to say that it is a race that I have won every time I have competed, unfortunately I cannot. Based on this, I seriously doubt that I would be much use competing in this years (or any years) Doughman Challenge.

Just in case anyone was wondering, yes I was watching Man Vs Food on Dave!