Weird Sports – Fist Ball

This week’s weird sport is….. Fist Ball.

Kind of a cross between Volleyball and Tennis, Fist Ball is played on an outdoor grass pitch approximately half the size of a standard football pitch. Two Meters above the centre line a two meter wide net is strung across the field.

fist ball The matches themselves are played between two teams of five participants in a best of five sets fashion. Each team needs to reach 11 points before they can declare victory in that set. The ball is allowed to bounce once between individual hits and up to three times per possession of the ball. To score the team needs to volley the ball across the net so that the opponent fails to return it.

So that covers most of the technicalities of the game now for the rest:

You can see the game played here:

The usual summary on the Wiki page here:, there is also an interesting ESPN Article to explain it to Americans who have never even heard of the sport before:

fist ballThe Wiki Pages shows that there have been numerous competitions held since 1968, which Germany has dominated year on year.

Now I have to turn to how the sport was introduced to the USA.

High School Teacher Christopher Carlton experienced the sport first, hands on holiday in Italy. Now in all of the strange sports I have reviewed it seems like most of them have been introduced in America by school teachers. Is this because school teachers are looking for new ways to do their job? Are they paid well enough to be able to travel the world and experience these things? Is their job of education keeping their minds open to new experiences and willing to bring them back home? Is it because they aren’t looking at the sports as an opportunity to make money?

I guess we’ll never know, but were just grateful that in their own small way, to the small number of people they have influenced with these sports, they have enriched a part of their country.

Play now!