Weird Sports – Giant Pumpkin Kayaking

This week we are looking at a very interesting sport, Giant Pumpkin Kayaking.

When I first heard of this sport I immediately thought of the pumpkin growing competition I was involved in last year. After many months of careful nurturing and several disasters, the solitary Pumpkin that we were able to grow might have been big enough for a small animal to go kayaking in. It certainly wasn’t big enough for a human, even a temporary midget AKA Child.

So if the best pumpkin that my garden could produce was the equivalent to one size eight shoe, how does anyone kayak in one of them? The answer, giant pumpkins.pumpk1

Information from here: and the video available here: give an idea of not only the size of the vessels available, but the difficulty in navigating them.

The difficulty in carving a seaworthy vessel, the difficulty in propelling said vessel and maintaining a certain amount of stability and then to beat the other competitors to win the prize (not exactly sure what that prize is). All of these things combine to make the Pumpkin Kayaking event one to remember.

First conducted in Windsor, Nova Scotia back in the late nineties the event has grown in size for both competitors and spectators. The event has also spread to other towns were the pumpkins can grow to the required size and the competitors can be found to make a race of it.

The events have also seen a number of interested celebrities although some were unable to attend in the end. In some towns the local politicians have even taken part in the event.

I am trying to think of a better fruit for the event but I can’t think of a boat shaped fruit that could grow large enough to support a human in the water so I suppose the Pumpkin would have to do.

As far as actually betting on the event, I would probably advise against it, between the difficulties already outlined and the possibility of a wandering giant deciding to indulge in a spot of apple bobbing it is a race where all bets are off (pun intended)