Weird Sports – Beer Can Regatta

Ok People the next sport we are looking at is Beer Can Regatta:

This sport originated in a place called Darwin, Australia.

As a town with one of the highest consumptions of beer, they decided in 1974 to start recycling their empties in a new way. So a proud new tradition was invented when the residents decided to create sea going craft out of their empties.

beer can regatta 2Watching some of the video’s from previous events, it looks like there are only a few rules to get your head round for this one.

You build a boat (any drinks cans will do these days not just beer ones)and you sail the boat to a marker buoy and back to the beach. The first boat to survive the trip and the first crew member to make it back is the winner.

Looking at it shows that the event has raised a great deal of money for local charity concerns and the organisers have made great efforts for it to become a more family friendly event.

beer can regatta 1I suppose the big question on everyone’s mind is why we don’t do this as well. Surely all those Fosters cans that get thrown away could easily be converted into some sort of ocean going craft.

A moments thought would solve this issue. They are in Australia, we are in the UK. Their water will be warm, ours is colder than … well I can’t really come up with anything that would adequately describe it.

Another way of looking at it is, that the Australians don’t have to worry too much if their vessel disintegrates during the event. If we were to hold this event in the Manchester ship canal, a disintegrating boat would mean the tragic death of all hands on board. I speak with some authority; I once spent six hours as Captain of a canal barge; every time we crashed I thought it would be the end.

Anyway, once global warming has made our seas as warm as those in Australia, we can be sure that we will hold this event and that Britannia would once again rule the waves!