Weird Sports – Pea Shooting

It’s that time of the week again where we look at another unusual sport.

This week we are looking at the world Pea Shooting Championships.

Similar but thankfully not the same as the spitting competition in the Secret of Monkey Island 2: Le Chucks revenge:

No this one is more like airsoft on a budget, although with the right lung capacity you could recreate the airsoft minigun.

Starting from the 1970’s the World Pea Shooting championships are held in Witcham in Cambridge (another home grown one). Although the majority of the entrants are local, competitors from across the globe are welcome with people travelling from as far as America to test their pea shooting abilities.

The competition range is 12 feet with a target of 12 inches. Most competitors seem to use the traditional tube style pea shooter; several other articles mention the use of laser guided pea shooters to increase accuracy.

Whether this gambit actually works is unknown, as several of the recent winners seem to have only just picked up the sport before winning the world championship.

Like clog cobbing the World Pea Shooting Championship is part of a bigger village event, designed to raise money for local causes.

So what is the future for the World Pea Shooting championships?

The introduction of the laser guided pea shooters may open the competition up to the more professional players. Or the international competitors might decide to take another sport we have invented and attempt to dominate it.

As far as we can tell there are no rules as to the composition of the projectile, but we assume that solid BB like projectiles are not to be used in the competition.

If you fancy taking part in the World Pea Shooting Championship, then you simply have to turn up and take part; this has led to many new champions in the past!