Free Champions League Bet

As we slowly approach the festive period the games start to come thick and fast, with Premier League and Champions League games keeping us satisfied from one day until the next.

place a bet online with bet365 cash outIt’s the Champions League that has us excited today, because Bet365 have come up with the perfect way to capitalise on all this betting potential by giving away a free £50 in-play bet to all customers. Whether you’re a new or old customer, you’ll receive this offer to place on any Champions League match today.

Yes you heard me right, you will be given a completely free £50 bet, to place on one of the Champions League games played on Wednesday!

Bet365 claim this offer couldn’t be easier, just follow the instructions below and a risk free £50 in-play bet will be all yours.


How to claim your totally free £50 in-play bet:

Open or deposit into your Bet365 account.

Place a pre match bet of up to £50 on any of the Champions League games played on Wednesday (this bet qualifies you for your up to £50 free in-play bet).

Once the action kicks off (7.45pm), you can now place another bet to the same amount as your original stake on any Champions League in-play market, at no risk to yourself.


The £50 in-play bet is originally funded by yourself, you don’t actually receive a £50 free bet token. However, you WILL be refunded the full £50 if your in-play bet loses, making it a totally risk free bet at no eventual cost to yourself.

If your in-play bet does lose, Bet365 will refund this amount no later than 4 hours after the event, almost as if you never placed the bet in the first place, making it just like a bad dream; but if it wins then you’ll be delighted.

Take advantage of Bet365′s fantastic free bet offer this week and enjoy a completely risk free £50 in-play bet on the Champions League.

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