How to Cash in Unused Pay as you go Mobile Phone Credit

For a while now Place a Bet Online have been desperately looking to find out how to cash in unused pay as you go mobile phone credit and it’s typical that as soon as we give up all hope, we happen across the perfect solution.

For quite some time we have been topping up our mobile phones by £10 a month to make sure we continue getting free texts and free internet usage; but we rarely use up the allowance. This leaves ridiculous amount of unused credit, which we tend to whittle down by using our phones abroad.

winner sportsBut whilst carrying out an in depth assessment of mFortune mobile casino, we noticed that one of their available payment methods was to pay via your mobile phone bill. Don’t worry we know what you’re thinking and trust me it’s worth your time continuing to read on. Convinced that it only applied to contract phones we tried our luck and attempted to top up a mobile casino account with PAYG credit and much to our surprise it actually worked.

As a result of using this method we have so far successfully cashed in £80 worth of unwanted mobile phone credit, for a sim card no longer in use and here’s how you can too.

Open an account with mFortune mobile casino and download one of their games to your phone completely free. You’ll get a £5 free welcome bonus just for opening your account, this will come in handy when converting your phone credit to cash.

Make a single deposit of at least £10 using PayPal or credit/debit card, you will need to do this to activate the ability to make withdrawals. We used PayPal to activate ours, but don’t worry as you can withdraw that money in the next step.

Now you will need to make a deposit using you phone credit, we did it in £20 instalments. Now you can withdraw your initial deposit and your phone payment will show as bonus credit; here’s the tricky but rewarding part.

You WILL need to play games using your bonus credit, we personally used a combination Blackjack and Snakes and Ladders Slots. We would play the slots with £20 as it usually guarantees a better pay-out rate than lower amounts and Blackjack at £1 a hand, to reduce the risk of big losses.

Every pound you win back is converted from bonus credit to cashable credit, for instance we would play £20 worth of bonus credit and almost always work our way up to £30 after spending £10 of bonus credit. Meaning we could withdraw £20 cash and still have bonus credit to play with and possibly win more.

The minimum amount you can withdraw is £20, the trick is to continuously try withdrawing as this will tell you how much cash you can draw on and as soon as your cashable credit reaches £20 then withdraw it.

Over the space of a week we managed to convert £110 of unused mobile phone credit into £80 cold hard cash, losing thirty pound was worth it and better than having credit you couldn’t use; or have to waste it on downloads or phone calls.

The absolute best advice we can give you is to play the games for free first, so you can get used to how they work and perfect your technique to improve your chances of being able to cash out.

Sites that accept mobile phone payment include;

Dazzle Casino Winner Casino – Pocket VegasBoyleSports