Belgium to Win the World Cup – What are the Odds?

It actually occurred to us whilst watching a very nervous England team trying to negotiate the might of Montenegro, Belgium have a pretty decent team. In fact probably the best team they’ve had since David Platt scored the best goal of his career at Italia 90. This was confirmed after the final whistle when during a quick check of the nights results, we spotted they had beaten Croatia in their own back yard.

Under the management of Marc Wilmot Belgium have vastly improved, rising to an all-time high of sixth on the FIFA World Rankings in September 2013; with several pundits and media experts labelling them the new golden generation and in our opinion it’s well deserved.

Belgium have a relatively young squad, but despite that youth it’s surprising the wealth of experience they have to choose from. With a pool of talented players that include Kompany, Hazard and Benteke to name but a few, we think it’s safe to say that no one would be disappointed to pull Belgium out of the hat in the office sweepstakes.

Being gamblers our thoughts quickly turned to, “I wonder what the odds are for Belgium to win the World Cup”, it turns out we weren’t the only people thinking this, as we began to receive tweets asking the exact same question.

At the time of writing this article, on a cold and dreary Sunday evening, only fourteen teams had qualified, including Germany, Holland, Italy, and of course Belgium, leaving eighteen places up for grabs. As such the odds on Belgium winning the world cup seem a little on the low side, but bear in mind that several big nations are likely to join them; hopefully England will be one of them.

Most bookmakers have Belgium at 14/1, but Betfair are currently offering them at 16/1, if you’re looking to back them now. Personally we’ll be keeping our money in our wallets until the final 32 have been decided, as that is bound to push the odds out a bit and make them a more lucrative prospect.

Even at this early stage, a sly ten quid bet on Belgium to win the World Cup or at least make the final, could prove to be a shrewd investment.