Highest RTP Slots Online

For most players having a technique isn’t the most important aspect of their online gambling, we simply want to have fun and hopefully win. There are so many variables to choose from when picking a game such as the platform you play it on, whether you opt for bonuses and the payment options, that it can be a little mind boggling. But there is one element that you should always consider before you choose the slot game you want to play, and no, we don’t mean the features: we’re talking about the RTP.

Also known as ‘Return to Player’ this is the key to improving your overall chance of winning. If you’ve never heard of RTP before, then you’ll probably be surprised to know that every game has an individual Return to Player. This is why it’s important to understand what it is, how it impacts your game and more importantly, what are the highest RTP slots online.

Finding Best Slots with Highest RTP

Finding a slot or casino site in this day and age is definitely not a problem, because when you type slots into Google you have over 2 billion results. Each one will have an impressive library of games with endless themes such as Irish leprechauns, the beautiful Cleopatra, or even terrifying vampires. The main categories of slots tend to be video, classic arcade and the pub style games.

When considering the term ‘highest RTP slots UK’, this would be any game which is 98% or above. Games with an RTP of 94% or below should be considered as low value for you as a player. You will discover there are slots with variable RTP’s, and we would recommend anything between 95% and 97.99% as being acceptable.

Our aim is to bring you the top choices from igaming providers such as Microgaming and NetEnt, who offer the highest percentage RTP.  So, let’s start by explaining what an RTP is and how it affects the house edge.

What is RTP (Return to Player)?

You already know that RTP means Return to Player and that every game is influenced by it. Also, that it is expressed as a percentage and tends to be within the 90’s. Basically this RTP number will provide the player with a rough estimate on the amount you can expect to win or lose as you play that particular game. The rest of the percentage is the house edge which is the return rate. To give you an example lets look at Sands of Fortune which offers a 93.70% RTP, meaning the house edge is 6.30%.

For full transparency, this doesn’t mean that if you bet £10 you will always receive £9.37 in winnings. The majority of us have gone through dry periods where we haven’t won for a while, but how does that work with such a high average? Mainly because the RTP calculation is averaged over a longer period and not just on each specific wager or player. Also known as ‘theoretical’ RTP it means that you could bet £10 and walk away with £100, or sadly not win anything at all.

All games are designed with a software technology in the background called RNG or Random Number Generator. This not only ensures that the game is completely random, but it sets the payout and RTP percentage. This enhances the playability of the game because it means that you are not guaranteed to win which adds to the excitement. In addition, it also creates the house edge which stops the casino from paying out more than it makes and essentially having to close its doors. We have seen this numerous times, where gambling sites have shut down after a big win payout. This means that the RNG provides a safety net for both the casino and the gambler.

As we mentioned above, the RNG is coded in by the games designer as the slot is being created. This should give you some reassurance that the game cannot be manipulated by the casino in their favour. There is a house edge to every slot game, but if you were to play on one set game all day and night, then you could establish how the RNG worked and what the published RTP was.

How are RTP Casino Slots Regulated?

Because the payout of a game is dictated by the RNG, then it would make sense that this element of the software was monitored. Before the introduction of the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) the RNG was only tested during the design process of the slot game. The UKGC introduced regulations that meant all games had to be tested on a regular basis and the outcomes of those checks must be available to players. This assessment of the games RTP performance will ensure that there are no glitches or errors within the game, and deterioration does not occur due to repeated use over extended periods of time.

Which is Better High RTP Percentage Slot or High Jackpot?

This is where we explore the role of slot machine volatility, which has been a technique used by professional gamers for a number of years. There seems to have been a resurgence recently and the idea of volatility and variance is now a trend for igamers. Sadly, this means that you cannot have the best of both world in regard to high RTP slots or a big jackpot bonus.

Volatility is a way that gamblers can predict how the game will play out and adjust their bets accordingly. The ability to do this is due to a number of factors, which can only be determined when you play for a long period of time.

You then have variance which focuses more on the chance that you will hit a winning combination and the possible size of the jackpot. For example, slots that don’t land often, but offer large prizes are high variance games. Alternatively low variance sees a slot give small wins often.

Both volatility and variance are aspects you may want to focus on when choosing a best RTP slot. By looking at the jackpot, if it is within the lower thousands range then it will be a higher RTP. Large winning slots of tens of thousand will see an RTP on the lower end of the scale.

Combining both RTP and volatility, you will see that high RTP slot games have both lower jackpots and variances, so you’ll be paid often but low amounts. This would obviously mean that a low RTP game would have higher jackpots and variance, so you would enjoy a bigger overall jackpot, but the wins tend to be less often.

With all of this information it’s worth thinking about progressive jackpots which have become increasingly popular within the gambling world. They tend to have a low RTP so the money can build up before the jackpot drops.

This may be an important factor when you choose your slot game, because simply focusing on the size of the possible jackpot can lead to small wins more often, rather than a huge life changing win.

Where is the Slot Game RTP on the Casino Site?

We’ve explained how online slots with the highest RTP’s work, but how do you discover what the RTP actually is? It may surprise you, but casinos don’t tend to promote the RTP’s on their sites, mainly because it can put a player off if the percentage is lower. So, we have established other ways of getting the information you need.

By Googling the slot game you are interested in, you will find that most bloggers or review sites will have written content about it, including the RTP. If you search for the popular game Blood Suckers RTP, then you will see that it has a 98% RTP simply by scanning the search information; meaning you don’t even have to click on the sites.

Highest RTP Casino Slot Machines

best rtp slot games onlineWe imagine as you’re reading this, you’re wondering what high RTP slots are available, which is where we can help. These are our favourites from a number of high-quality gaming providers.

To make it easier we have separated the top percentages, so you have the choice of 98%, 97% and 96% RTP. Although RTP is an important aspect it is worth remembering that the key to gambling is enjoyment, so take your time to find a theme you like with exciting bonuses and features. If the first one you pick doesn’t tick all your boxes, then move on to the next one on our list.

RTP Online Slots at 98%

Vampires VS Werewolves at BoyleSports Casino – This Amaya Gaming 5-reel, 20 fixed pay line slot is the first of our 98% RTP options and combines the cult classics vampires and werewolves. Within the slot there are board game features and a scatter bonus, which creates additional dimensions to the game and hopefully leads to larger winnings.

Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold at Fruity King – This incredibly popular game was designed by Barcrest and is a follow up to the equally loved Rainbow Riches. With two sets of 5-reels and 100 pay lines across then both, there is a variable RTP between 94% and 98%. This RTP variability is due to the games big bet option, which only enhances the iconic Irish leprechaun theme. When it comes to the extras, Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold has two bonus features which removes the mundane of an everyday slot game.

Ghost Pirates at Netbet Casino – Most gamblers are aware of NetEnt, due to their reputation of creating incredible slot games. Ghost Pirates is another one to add to the list, with a ghoulish pirate theme and 5-reel, 243 pay lines. It has an impressive 98.49% RTP, plus the bonus spins we expect from this type of slot to help boost those prizes.

Blood Suckers at Conquer Casino – If you enjoy the gothic horror genre then this is the ideal game for you and it’s another offering from NetEnt. Again, it is a 98% RTP and has 5-reels and 25 pay lines, but it’s the bonus spins feature and the bonus game which makes Blood Suckers a fan favourite. So beloved is this game that they brought out Blood Suckers 2, which was another smash hit.

97% RTP Online Slots UK

Big Bad Wolf at Fruity King – With 5-reels and a 25 fixed pay line, this slot from Quickspin Gaming actually focuses on the three little pigs and not the big bad wolf as the title would suggest. The main reel is a cascading slot with a 97.34% RTP, and it has a moon bonus feature which assists with those wins.

Gorilla go Wilder at BoyleSports Casino – NextGen Gaming’s 5-reel, 25 fixed pay line game brings you the journey of Gary the gorilla from jungle to beach. Not only will you enjoy a variable RTP between 93.05% and 97.04%, but the featured bonuses with holiday vibes is enough to make you smile.

Monster Wheels at Conquer Casino – Microgaming have converted the popular toy into a racing slot masterpiece. This 5-reel game has cars and demons racing it out with two options for pay lines, either 128 ways to win, or 288 ways to win. With bonus spins and a 97% RTP, you can enjoy the fast-paced thrills from the comfort of your own chair.

Online Slots with Highest RTP 96%

Release the Kraken at Conquer Casino – Pragmatic Play are a brand who are not as well known as the others we have mentioned, but this sea-based slot is still worthy of a mention. It has 5 reels and 20 pay lines with a 96.50% RTP and offers a main game feature and bonus games.

Friends at Netbet Casino – We’re all well aware of this renowned US tv show, but you may not have heard of the WMS Gaming slot honouring it. With 5 reels and 40 fixed pay lines, the Friends slot game has an RTP of 96%. It features the New York skyline and iconic symbols from the show, with a special bamboozled bonus where you will have a choice of cards and picking the right ones can lead to a prize.

Sun Quest at Fruity King – With an ancient Aztec theme, this Microgaming slot has a 96.95% RTP and is a 5-reel, 9 pay line game. Unfortunately, the design is quite basic and as such there are no bonus features, but sometimes less is more and you can focus on the game play.


Now you have an idea of what games are available, we thought it would be helpful to tell you a little more about the slot game designers. This will assist you when you’re looking at the many options on a casino and you want to drill down and just pick one.

NetEnt highest RTP slots – Founded in 1996 this colossus in the gaming world brought us titles such as Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest and Blood Suckers.

Playtech highest RTP slots – Known for their Age of the Gods series and Golden Sands slot, Playtech began in 1999 on the Isle of Man. They are known for unusual titles and themes, so definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Microgaming highest RTP slots – This brand tends to be known for its’s unusual bonus features, but it has an extensive library of games which is impressive seen as they began in 1994. Popular titles include Immortal Romance, Thunder Struck and Mega Moolah.

Thunderkick highest RTP slots – This games designer was a late bloomer, having only started in 2012. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore their incredible range of games including Luchadora, Spectra and Flux.

Summary of Highest RTP Slots Online

With this guide you should have enough knowledge to make an informed decision on which slot game you want to choose, based on the Return to Player. When you’re playing slot games you want the best value for money, so we hope the list we have provided will combine efficacy and enjoyment. Remember though that having a high RTP does not always mean you’ll win big, but you will have the odds stacked a little more in your favour.

We suggest using both RTP and variance and playing games with a good jackpot amount and top game play. Hopefully by combining everything you will enjoy great online slots over a longer period of time.