How to Bet on Golf – A Beginners Guide

Need advice and help on how to bet on golf and get the best return on your bet? You have come to the right place.

Here at Place a Bet Online, we have come up with a user friendly guide to help you understand the different golf betting markets and what to look for when placing that important bet.

Golf has become a very popular and profitable sport for betting enthusiasts, there are tournaments all year round and the majority of them are shown live on television. High profile players like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have given the game a real boost and transformed the sport to give it a widespread appeal.

Like any other sport the bookies have created a huge variety betting markets, which range from 3 ball betting to tournament betting. Understanding the different betting markets can critical when trying to improve your profits.

Betting successfully on golf can be quite difficult at times; there are tournaments where the favourite won’t even make it passed the first round. The outsider could have the round of his life and pull off a remarkable win.

Betting on Golf – Factors to Consider

The following factors should always be considered when betting on golf:

1.            Weather:

The weather will affect tournaments and players differently, where a player learned his trade can give them a huge advantage over the opposition. For instance players who spent their early years on the pristine courses of California, may struggle to make the cut on a links course in Scotland.

2.            Major Tournament

Some players use smaller tournaments to improve on aspects of their game they are not happy with or to blow off a few cobwebs, ensuring they bring their A game for the majors.

3.            Length of course

The length of the course will favour certain players; does the course require accurate iron play? Does the course favour someone who can drive the ball large distances?

4.            Size of the greens

The size of the green can make a big impact as the bigger the green the more putting is involved. Some players are better at putting than others.

5.            Time of tee off

Tee times can vary from the early hours of the morning to late afternoon. By the end of the day the course can become more weathered.

6.            Any local players?

Just like with weather, a local course can hold the key to bringing the best out of a local player due to its familiarity.

7.            Form

The form of any player can be one of the most important factors to take into consideration when selecting your bet, its very rare for a player who tanked in one tournament to go on and win the next.

Looking at these main factors should help you make an informed decision, but of course there are many other small points to consider.

Compare Tennis Betting Bookies

Choosing a bookmaker to place your bets is the second biggest decision you have to make, does the bookie you use cover the tournaments that you want? Are they offering the best odds for your chosen market? The majority of bookies will cover the Majors and small tournaments, but some even cover women’s golf.