Completely Free Bet for New Players

Colossus Bets have taken another giant stride in their quest to become one of the biggest betting sites in the UK, with the biggest jackpots available to UK players and three completely free bets for new players. Which is why we wanted to inform you that Colossus Bets have recently launched some new games that their players can try out for a low stake of 20p, but despite such a low buy in bet the winnings could be life changing.

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HDA15 Football Jackpot Colossus BetsTurn 20p into £200,000!

The new ‘Pick 6’ game available at Colossus Bets, guarantees a £200,000 Football Jackpot every week, giving smaller staking punters or new players who are just dipping their toe in to water, the ability to test drive the unique offerings of Colossus bets for small stakes; as well as allowing bigger punters to cover more perms for the same amount by spreading their bets for a greater chance of return.

All the new games hold the same excellent features as Colossus Bets landmark and impressive £10,000,000 Colossus Jackpot, including the unique and popular cash-in feature the brand is known for; which allows you to cash in a percentage of your bet and still have the chance to win some large cash amounts.

The only difference is that the minimum stake is 20p!

New Colossus players, who haven’t yet had the opportunity to experience the thrills of Colossus bets, take advantage of the fantastic Colossus Bets welcome bonus. Unlike other welcome bonuses this doesn’t entice new players to throw a large amount of cash at one bet with a “free bet” bonus, in order to receive the same amount in return. When Colossus say they will give you a free bet that’s exactly what you will get, but not just one free bet, you’ll actually receive 3 completely free bets with your first deposit of £10 and you can spread your £10 however you wish.

New players can use their three free bets on the new 20p pick six, the £10,000,000 Colossus and any of the other pools available for the top leagues across Europe, with jackpots that really are life changing.

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