Mobile Casino Deposit Using Phone Bill

The ability to make a mobile casino deposit using phone bill, has made a huge difference in the way many online players choose their sites. This alternate banking method has now become a mainstream payment option on many casino and slot sites. If you’ve never heard of companies such as Boku or Payforit then don’t worry, as always we’re here to guide you through and explain the reasons why pay by phone bill is so popular.

Latest Phone Bill Casino Sites

So, let’s start with where you can find gaming sites which accept pay by phone bill banking. Your options have rapidly grown over the years with many of the top mobile casino sites offering this as a banking method. But here are a few of our favourites;

If you’re also a fan of sports betting, then you can always head over to these sites which offer the best of both worlds;

We also have some dedicated content, detailing how you can bet using you phone bill.

What is Phone Bill Banking?

When it comes to choosing an online gaming site, there are so many things to consider. Are they reliable and will they pay me if I win? Do they offer a decent range of games? What are the welcome bonuses and are there any wagering requirements attached to them? But probably the most important is what banking methods are available and how secure are they?

Because of the fear around online financial security, companies such as Boku and Payforit introduced the ability to pay for credit using your mobile phone bill. The premise is simple, so let’s delve a little deeper.

Basically, it means that when you add credit onto your casino or slots account, it will be charged to your mobile phone bill. When you receive your phone bill from the provider, all charges including the ones for the casino will be listed. Then you pay off the charges as you normally would and begin again. If you’re wondering if you can use this as a pay as you go customer, then yes you can. PAYG credit can be added as casino funds in pretty much the same process, which is especially handy if you want to cash in unused mobile phone credit.

Most phone providers accept casino phone bill payments, and these include EE, 3, 02 and Vodafone. It would be sensible to precheck with your provider though to make sure they do, before you begin the process of registering.

The process for phone bill is pretty simple, so let’s break it down for you in stages;

  • To begin with you need to register with the gambling site and provide your personal details. When you reach the banking section you will see the option to ‘pay by mobile’ or ‘pay by phone’. By clicking on this link, you will be taken to the Boku website or Payforit. Most sites use Boku as the preferred phone bill provider, but they pretty much offer the same services. No bank details are required by the casino site if you have chosen the phone bill option.
  • Upon reaching Boku or Payforit, you will need to register which is a simple online form and only take a few minutes. Within the details will be the mobile number of the account where any deposits will be charged.
  • To ensure the transactions are secure, once you confirm the amount you wish to deposit you will receive a text. This is to check that it is your number and to ensure you wish to complete the transaction. They will ask for a simple ‘Y’ for yes to continue and the money will transfer, or ‘N’ for no you do not wish to continue. Then you can begin to play!
  • The final stage is sadly the worst part, but something we all know we have to do and that is pay for our credit. You will receive your usual phone bill from your mobile provider, and it will detail the casino deposit amounts. Just ensure that the information is correct and simply pay off your bill.

That’s it in a nutshell! Simple and you only need to register with the pay by phone bill provider once!

Phone Bill Casino Daily Limits

As a banking method, pay by mobile phone bill is so incredibly simple, but this means it can be open to abuse. To ensure players don’t charge hundreds of pounds to their mobile bills, Boku and Payforit have set up a daily limit. This is currently about £30 per day, but if you gamble responsibly then that amount will be increased. It’s the perfect way to ensure vulnerable people are protected from spending more than they can afford, which is always a good thing.

Should you have any concerns about the amount you spend on gambling sites, or you feel it is no longer fun. We would recommend contacting for information and support. Online gaming should always be about enjoyment and not a necessity for money.

Reasons why People use Phone Bill Mobile Billing

Financial Security – You probably noticed that during our explanation of registering with Boku or Payforit, at no point did we mention entering bank details. That because with phone bill payments no bank information is required, just your mobile number. Your mobile phone provider has all your bank details, so you no longer need to give such private data to every casino you join. This is a great move by gambling sites in a day and age when bank accounts can be hacked so easily.

No transaction fees – It feels like we have to pay for everything nowadays, including moving our own money. Especially when it comes to adding credit to your favourite gambling site, with many of the banking methods adding percentage fees. When you use Boku and Payforit there is no extra charge, so if you added £20 in credit you would play with £20 in credit.

Simplicity – We’ve mentioned this a few times, but it really is worth shouting about. Once you’ve registered with either Boku or Payforit, you don’t have to do it again. Yes, sadly the new casino or slot site will require a few details to comply with the Gambling Commission, but you don’t need to repeatedly add banking details; that alone is worth it!

Problems with Phone Bill Mobile Banking

We like to be completely transparent with you, so yes sadly there are a few negative aspects to this banking method.

Unable to withdraw funds – If you choose the pay by phone bill option, then sadly you can only deposit. If you want to remove any credit, then you have to use an alternative option such as debit card. Phone bill was introduced as a means of ensuring security for transactions when adding credit. You just have to determine if this is a deal breaker for you?

Minimum and Maximum deposit limits – There is a minimum deposit limit of £10 with Boku and although this may be off putting, it is worth noting that many casinos also have this requirement. Meaning you may have to deposit a minimum amount no matter which banking method you choose.

When it comes to the maximum limits, as we already mentioned when you initially register this will be £30. This is to ensure that all players are protected, but if you’re a high roller or like to have control over your betting it can be frustrating. All we can say is that the amount will increase over time.

Bonuses may be forfeited – If you tend to register with a new gambling site to enjoy their bonuses, then you need to be aware of this point. Some sites have a disclaimer that players who use pay by phone bill to add credit, are not eligible for their welcome bonuses; including some keep what you win casino bonuses. We would recommend you check the terms and conditions of the new site or ask them via their contact section before you commence registration.

Boku Casino Payments via Neteller

Neteller is one the top choices of payment methods for online gaming, due to the various options of banking it provides; including Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies . It would make sense that they have added Boku to their long list of providers, which in turn gives players greater access to household names such as Bet365. Neteller gambling sites such as these don’t offer pay by phone, as such this is a great way to access them indirectly.

Because Neteller is a middleman there is a transaction fee, which you can find out further details about on their website. We would only recommend this route if you have a favourite site which doesn’t offer Boku or Payforit directly.

So, we’ve explained what mobile casino deposit using phone bill is, the positive and negatives, and finally which casinos and sport sites offer it. All that’s left for you to do is decide if mobile billing suits your requirements and then head over to one of the sites and register. Both Boku and Payforit have extensive FAQ sections which should cover any additional queries you may have on the process and how they connect with your mobile provider.