New Customer Betting Offers

New customer betting offers are pretty much expected from every online bookmaker, sign up offers can come in all shapes and sizes with lots of variable elements for each bookie. But combing through each free bet bonus can be extremely time consuming, so as experienced online and High St gamblers we’ve put together this handy little guide to the best betting sign up offers.

It only takes a few minutes to read through, but we feel it will give you a better understanding of betting account offers; as well as the foundations to decide which free bets, bet boosts or bonus credit sign up offers best suit your needs and gambling style.

Best Betting Sign Up Bonuses

We’re going to be completely honest with you here, there is not just one definitive best betting offer for new account holders. This is purely because it is completely subjective, depending on what each new customer is looking for from their bookmaker.

The betting sites we’ve listed below have multifaceted reasons for being considered the best. These can be anything from being a large reputable bookmaker or a bookie with a generous welcome bonus. Either way we feel you would not be disappointed if you chose any of them to place a bet new customer betting offers

  1. Boylesports
  2. Betfair
  3. Bet365
  4. Netbet


What are new Customer Free Bet Offers?

As much as you would think this is pretty self-explanatory, there is actually a lot more to new customer sign up offers than meets the eye. Free bets for new account holders can actually several elements that require careful thought and consideration before you sign up and claim.

There is one very important aspect that does need to be cleared up, which is the use of the term “free bet”. This is actually misleading and something that frowned upon by the UKGC, as more often than not there are some deposit or wagering requirements that need to be met in order to claim the bet or withdraw your winnings.

In most cases it will be dependent on specific amount being made and wagered if you’re a new account holder; such as bet £10 Get £30. For existing customers it will be based on whether you have deposited a minimum amount within a set time period.

How bookmakers can still classify these as a free bet is based on one simple factor, do you get to keep what you win? If you get to keep your winnings from the new customer sign up bonus then it is still technically a free bet.

Betting sign up offers generally kick in and are credited to your new account once the main component of the bookies offers are met; such as making a deposit or placing a bet online. For existing customers a similar premise applies, with the only exception being free bet offers based on a specific spend amount during a particular time frame prior to the event the free bet is related to.

A lot of the time you are not restricted on the sporting event you use the betting sites new customer offers. So regardless of whether you’re partial to horse racing betting, football betting or tennis betting, you should have no issues taking advantage of new customer free bets. However, existing customer free bets are generally tailored to specific football matches or major sporting events, so they can sometimes be less appealing.

Rating Bookies New Betting Offers

As you can see from our earlier list of the best new customer betting offers, there are a great range of betting sites and bonuses to choose from; as well as some noticeable absentees. So how exactly did we come to this conclusion?

Due to this being about new betting account offers, the overall rating of the online bookmaker was not used as our benchmark; as this would exclude some newer bookmakers that don’t have the longevity to have built the customer ratings to compete with the likes of Paddy Power. However, we have taken reliability and trustworthiness in to account as they are areas that are fundamental for any form of online gambling.

New customer free bets and deposit boosts are generally highest on our list, due to the ease of which they can be claimed. They also tend to come with less wagering requirements or terms that are easily met and easier to understand; as well as greater flexibility when it comes to using the bonus funds.

Once we have checked the basic T&C’s for a bonus, as that is where the significant wagering requirements are, we then turn our attention to the value of the bookies sign up offer.

A straight up bet £10 get £10 bonus may be nice for some, but it lacks the value of some of the better offers for new account holders; such as a bet £10 get £30 or 5 free bets after making a deposit just £10.

But as we know from experience, the T&C’s for welcome bonuses are always changing, even if the sign up offer itself stays the same. So it is always worth giving them a read prior to opting in for a bonus, as there may be a change that you feel is a little off putting.

Free Bet Bonuses Key Info

free bet sign up bonusesAs with any new customer betting offers or free bets, there certain questions you should ask and key information you should obtain. This will help you make an informed decision.

Money talks as the saying goes and claiming bonuses is no different, because knowing how much it will cost you in order to claim a bonus is vital, especially if it is deposit based.

As well as money, minimum odds also make up the significant terms of most new customer betting bonuses. Online bookmakers don’t want people signing up and placing a bet at low odds just to claim the profit as bonus credit and potentially increase their chances of further returns. So there needs to be a little acceptable risk from the bookies standpoint.

It’s also worth taking a look to see if there are any time limits applied to your bonus. Free bets or bonus credit are usually only valid for 7 days. In some cases these time frames also apply to actually making a deposit.

Combining all of the above are vital when selecting your new customer sign up offers, especially if you are lucky enough to have winnings tow withdraw from your initial bonus; which won’t be able to be done unless full terms have been met.

Variations of Betting Site Sign up Offers

You’ve probably noticed by now that we’ve used a variety of terminology for welcome bonuses, that’s because there are quite a few different types of sign up bonuses. But as they can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, we’ve provided a little explanation below; to help you decide which one is best for you.

Enhanced Odds and Price Boost Betting Account Offers

For online gamblers that have a specific sport or event they like to place a bet on, then this has always been a firm favourite when looking for new betting account offers. Enhanced odds new account offers mainly tend to revolve around high profile events such as the Cheltenham Festival, Wimbledon or the World Cup; sites such as 888sport often give new account holders great odds for International football and big Premier League rivalries.

Instead of giving customers carte blanche when it comes to spending bookies offers, bookmakers give a one off price boost much higher than the market would ordinarily command; based on specific outcomes. If the price boost bonus comes in, then any winnings are usually paid in free bets, but some betting sites do give it to you in cash. Although your initial stake is not usually return, you will just receive the profit instead.

Matched Deposit Betting Site Offers

This has actually become the most popular bonus with online bookmakers and it’s not hard to see why it suits punters and bookies alike.

Matched deposit betting bonuses are as straight forward as they sound, but although they are usually advertised as free bets, they are in fact deposit bonuses. This means your bonus doesn’t come in the form of free bet tokens, it will be bonus credit based on how much you deposit.

Deposit based bonuses can vary depending on the generosity of the betting site, but bigger doesn’t always translate to better. Some are advertised as percentage based such as 50%, 100% or 200% deposit match, whereas the likes of Betfred tend to go for a straightforward description such as Bet £10 Get £30; so you’re not having to try and work out how much your bonus will be.

Before you dart off and look for the biggest deposit match bookmakers sign up bonus, there is something you should know.  These type of bonuses do have a catch and that comes in the form of wagering requirements; so the higher the bonus funds are that you receive then the higher the requirements before you can withdraw any winnings.

Cashback Bookies Offers

This new customer betting offer is similar to the deposit bonuses mentioned above, in that it is all based on how much you choose to deposit when you open a new account. But instead of being based on a winning bet, this offer only kicks in if your bet loses. So if your 1st bet or accumulated bets over a specified time period lose, then you will receive your cash back as free bet bonus credit.

Existing Customer Betting Bonuses

It’s not only new customers that can benefit from a bookies bonus, there are a few online bookmakers that like to reward loyal customers with bet bonuses. After all, why would a bookie risk losing your custom to a competitor just because of a little bonus.

Existing customer betting bonuses are generally offered to players who bet regularly, but if a betting site notices a player has been dormant for a while, they can often throw them a bonus to remind them they have an account; provided they haven’t self-excluded of course.

As bookmakers begin to understand the benefits of loyalty, they are learning exactly what it takes to keep customers betting on their site; hence the recent boom in reward programs. Most bookies now offer free bet clubs, but have also branched out in how they are delivered.

Some like to offer the generic bonus of place x number of bets and get a free bet, whereas others think a little outside the box; such as rewarding you with a free accumulator when you hit a certain spend amount within seven days.

There are various promotions available to existing customers on top their free bet club. Money back specials and acca insurance are a great ways to extend your betting activity and for keeping bookmakers to keep players engaged.

So before you go looking for a new betting site, make sure you have a look around your existing bookmaker; you may be missing out on some great bonuses.

Sign Up Offers from New Bookmakers

In recent years we have seen an explosion in new betting sites, mainly thanks to software providers offering white label sportsbooks alongside their casino and bingo products. So anyone willing to invest a substantial amount of money can open a new betting site.

These new kids on the block rely on generous new free bets to attract new players to build their customer base. Although some offer the same free bets as their hands are tied by the provider they use.

You may notice a few new names dotted around our site, which we recommend taking a look at, but the pick of the bunch have to be these sportsbooks;

Summary of Betting Sign Up Offers

Granted we’ve thrown a lot of information at you, we could have actually given even more. But there is no doubt there are some great betting sign up offers for new customers.

Hopefully we have given you enough of an insight in to which bonus best suits your needs, but actually choosing one is entirely down to you. Before you make your choice, make sure you know what you want so that you aren’t throwing money down the drain.

In order to do this simply establish which type of bonus is right up your street, whether that be a high reward or a bonus that require you to meet the least amount of requirements before being able to make withdrawals.

Once you have done this, we have no doubt that one of the best new customer betting offers we feature above will have the perfect bonus for you.