What is a High Roller – Best High Roller Online Casinos

The term ‘high roller’ may be something new that you came across as you were playing online games. Or you have heard it before, but you’re not quite sure what it means. There are many high rollers shown in our favourite movies, from Rain Man and Rounders to the iconic Casino with Robert de Niro. We’re here to explain what a high roller is and the best high roller online casinos available.

Who Are High Rollers in Online Casino’s?

A high roller is a player (whether it is online or land based), who bets with large amounts of money on table games such as roulette, blackjack and poker, or slot machines. They are also known as ‘whales’ and this is because they tend to stand out from the normal everyday gambler. Because high rollers are seen as being important to the online casino, they tend to enjoy additional rewards such as VIP status.

Reputationally high rollers are characterised as someone who will wager thousands on a hand or spin. Although this can be the case in land-based casino’s it’s not always the way if you play online. For example, you could play a number of hands for a smaller amount, but still be evaluated as a high roller. The sites will consider a number of factors such as how much you bet, the games you are playing on and the length of the sessions that you play.

Whilst land-based gambling can be subjective in terms of who is chosen to receive rewards and privileges. The online gaming world is primarily based on facts and data, so if you meet the criteria then you are in.

Differences Between Land-based and Online High Rollers

best high roller online casinosAs we have explored a little above, there are some differences between land based and online high rollers. This is especially evident when you consider the perks that the player will receive. For land-based players you can expect more physical rewards as an enticement to play and hopefully return to the casino in the future. This can include planes to get you there, limousines and extravagant hotel rooms to make your stay comfortable.

This is all irrelevant to an online gamer, who probably hasn’t even left their house. So, what would interest them more is less of the tangible goods and more extras like cash bonuses or free spins, depending on what the gambler prefers to play.

Why Become a High Roller?

Keeping your eggs in one basket, isn’t something that most online casino players like to do. By spreading their money over a number of sites, they could limit their losses. But if you’re a high roller then you will tend to remain on the one site to ensure you can display a high volume of wagering.

So, when you consider how limited it can be and you realise how much money is needed to be a high roller, why would anyone want to be one?

If you’re the kind of gamer who generally prefers what you know and likes to stay on the one casino or slot site, then reaching the status of high roller may not be that difficult for you. The more you play, the more points you earn and the higher levels you reach, which will move you up the site’s VIP programme. Of course, the higher the level the more rewards you get to enjoy, which you would expect when a player is spending lots of money and hours on that particular site. Most casino’s will have dedicated pages to their VIP schemes which shows a gamer what they can strive towards and how much is needed to get there. The qualification process is generally easy to understand, and you can always contact the casino if you are unsure. But if you’ve never taken the time to have a look, then here are a few examples of the types of perks normally promoted.

Personal VIP Account Manager

Pretty much all gambling sites will offer this as a minimum and that is because top players deserve the best customer service from their casino. If you were to have an issue with the site or a game, then you will certainly view this as a perk, because essentially the problem should be resolved quickly. The high roller will be given a specific VIP telephone and account number to use, should they need it.

VIP account managers are trained to ensure their members are given the best customer service, especially compared to other general players. As such they can offer VIP players little extras such as gaming bonuses, without needing senior level approval.

Exclusive Bonuses

This tends to be the one that most high rollers look forward to, especially because they’ve spent a lot of credit to earn their status. The higher your level, the bigger the percentage reward you can expect to receive. Most of the time it will be extra credit or free spins on a favourite slot game. But gaming sites are becoming more inventive to keep their regular players, so you never know what to expect. Before you commit to a casino, our advice would be to request information on what bonuses are available.

Access to Private Tournaments

If you have a competitive streak and playing casino games isn’t enough, then an invite to a private tournament may be the ideal reward for your custom. These tournaments tend to offer incredible cash prizes and they can be in most games such as slots, blackjack and poker. They’re normally free to join, but only accessible for a small selective group to make the odds of winning even higher.

For the casino it’s a great way to entice their players with a freebie, even though you’re having to play for it. There’s also a chance that you’ll wager on your other favourite games whilst you’re there.

High Roller Bonus Cash Back

You tend to see cash back as one of the main incentives given to any player in the VIP Scheme. The higher the player is, the bigger the percentage cash back. This is because everyone likes something for nothing and as such the player knows the more they wager, the more they can expect back in return.

Higher Deposit / Bet Limits and Easier Withdrawals

There will be minimum and maximum deposit limits on most casino sites and it is those higher limits which can be a problem for high rollers. As a member of the high roller VIP scheme, you will find that the site will accommodate bigger deposits for you, in comparison to other regular players. They will ensure that you have the funds available by checking your financial information. This is done via the know your customer checks, or more specifically for funding, the source of wealth check.

Likewise, you should find the withdrawal process is easier than a regular player. Obviously, most casino sites prefer any winnings were replayed on their games, but they also want to keep their top gamers happy. Should you not see an increase in limits on your gaming site, then it may be worth contacting them and asking if that can be changed.

Special Event Bonus

Whether this is your anniversary as a high roller or simply a birthday gift, most gaming sites like to give you a little something extra on a special event. You tend to receive an email confirming what the bonus is and how to access it. Again, it could be dependent on you adding credit, or they could have added something to your casino wallet as a thank you.

Higher Table Limits

If you’re a high roller then you will expect to be able to wager higher amounts than normal. So it would make sense that the site should increase your table limit. If you are betting larger amounts then you tend to be given access to a table with a higher betting limit, so that you are closer in stake to the other players.

Invitation to Exclusive VIP Events

This is the one perk that most players look forward to and it could be anything. Invites to sporting events, pamper days or tournaments in other countries. You tend to find that rewards such as these are given to the highest level in the VIP scheme, so it is definitely something you can build towards. The best part of a perk such as this is that you’re not being asked to wager more money to enjoy it. It’s a tangible extra which the gaming site knows will cement your loyalty to their casino.

How to Pick a High Roller Casino

Our choices for the best high roller casinos are.

Picking your high roller casino isn’t an easy decision, but we’ve listed a few of the essential aspects you should consider when making your choice.

Reputable and trustworthy site – Not every site can provide the elements needed to create an ideal gaming experience for a high roller. Because they are betting high there is a chance that they will win a large amount, so the site you play on needs to have a reputation of being trustworthy. They also need to be large enough that they can afford any big wins that you may have. Our recommendation is to ensure that the site you choose is licenced by the UK Gambling Commission or a similar regulatory board. Their licence means that they are required to follow a set code of practice, or they will be unable to provide a service in the relevant country.

High Deposit amount – This is the element of crediting your account and being able to wager larger amounts than regular players. Before you register with a site or commit yourself, it is worth contacting them to establish their bet sizes in table casino and slot games.

High withdrawal amount – If there’s a big deposit limit, then you would expect there to also be a reasonable withdrawal limit. Should you win a substantial amount then you will want it as soon as possible. But on most casinos, you can come across daily, weekly and monthly withdrawal limits, which means that you can only remove the winnings in small chunks. This would be another question we would suggest asking the site before you commit yourself.

Good customer service – This can be essential for high rollers if they need assistance with a game or they have any queries. Most sites will offer their top players dedicated support 24/7.

Secure casino software – Is the site ran by knowledgeable providers who will ensure it is secure and as such your money and details are safe? Especially when you may have quite a bit of money within your casino wallet.

Unlimited Bonuses – It may surprise you to learn that not all casinos offer bonuses for high rollers. Mainly because some of the smaller sites could not afford the cost of a high roller landing a big win. If bonuses are important to you then make sure you ask the site what they have available and if there are minimum and maximum deposit limits.

Payment Methods for High Rollers

Preferably you will want to take your winnings out of your casino wallet in one lump sum. Sadly, as we’ve already mentioned, this isn’t always allowed, as many sites have limits on the maximum amounts you can withdraw. Typically, we recommend e-wallet transfers for large amounts of money, such as PayPal and Skrill. This is purely due to the additional security checks and the encryption software they have. Most sites offer an array of e-wallet options including some of the newer brands such as Ilixium.

Best Casino Games for High Rollers

best casino games for high rollersIf you have chosen a gambling site which caters for high rollers, then most of your favourite slots and table casino games will be available. You will find that on most sites there will be special VIP tables reserved for high rollers only.

Whether it’s roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, live dealer or craps, the main element to look out for is the bet size limit. The majority will still have a cap on the maximum limit, but it will be much higher than you will find for everyday players.

The main things to look for when wagering a lot of money, is games with a high RTP and a lower house edge. This is the smarter way to play, and it will increase your advantage over the gaming site.

Table Games

For many of the big players out there, table casino is their game of choice and as such most of the sites tend to offer a special high roller section. You will find games such as blackjack and baccarat will double up, whereas in roulette there will be a big increase in the amount you can stake. With the advances in online casino technology, you not only get the opportunity to play video roulette, but also live roulette which provides that exciting feeling as if you were actually in a land based casino.


This is the ideal game for the competitive high roller, especially for table games such as poker and baccarat. You can enjoy the opportunity to play with others online who have a similar skill level and you can also win some incredible prizes. All of this without having to leave your home and travel to a casino.

Lightning Roulette and High Rollers

Not as popular as normal roulette games in the general casino market, but lightning roulette tends to be a favourite with the high rollers. Created by the software designers Evolution Gaming, lightning roulette is alike a standard roulette game but with extras which will appeal to those with bigger bets.

Between every round random multipliers are added to certain lucky numbers. You have the choice to bet on the standard line up and additional lucky numbers. So not only could your number land and you win, but you could also have a multiplier attached i.e., 100x.

Slots for High Rollers

High roller slot games can vary by a significant amount, so it is worth looking around or asking the casino you have chosen for advice; slot machine pay tables are also worth looking at as they will dictate your payout amount. Because wins on slots are determined by the amount you wager, your prize pool can be quite substantial. Here are a few of our favourite options.

Summary of What is a High Roller – Best High Roller Online Casinos

We’ve pretty much covered everything you need to know when it comes to what a high roller is and the options for you if you want to become one. There is a lot of information to consider, especially when you are choosing a casino site based on its VIP programme.

If you’re considering becoming a high roller then you should be aware that to enjoy the extra perks that are available, you will usually have a minimum spend. The amount will vary on each casino, but there should be information relating to this in the site’s terms and conditions. We would always recommend that you spend within your means and if you feel your gambling is getting out of control, then you should gain assistance from gamcare.org.uk. The benefits associated with being a high roller are incredibly impressive and so grab them if offered, but the time and cost to become one isn’t for the faint hearted.

There is also the fact that once you receive a high roller status, this doesn’t automatically mean you have it for life. There will be conditions to your newfound title, and it tends to be based on how much you bankroll and wager on games. So again, research is the key to finding a site with the gaming options you want, the rewards you like and customer service for the just in case situations.