NFL Week 5 Preview and Predictions

We’ve not been able to do any of these so far this season due to other commitments, but here’s our rundown of this weekends games. We’re even throwing in some predictions of winners and winning margins, as we had a lot of success with those last season.

From a neutrals perspective this season has been thoroughly entertaining, big teams underperforming and even some coaches proving their former owners wrong for relieving them of their duties; whoever you follow you have to admid to being at least a little excited at the way things have panned out.

On to business at hand, here are our thoughts on this weeks games, we already predicted the correct outcome of Thursday’s game but missed out on the margin by a solitary point; so lets hope we can keep it going.

Saints @ Bears – Saints by 7-12

Saints look a completely different team with Peyton back on the touchline, somewhat reminiscent of their former glories and with Drew Brees in great shape the Bears have a tough task to in slowing their offence; blitzing and putting Brees on the back foot would go a long way to help the cause.

Patriots @ Bengals – Patriots by 0-6

This games promises to be an exciting prospect, the Bengals have been an exiting prospect this season and are definitely capable of causing an upset. The possible return Amendola to Patriots offence is great news, especially with the inconsitent performances their wide receivers, but there are still some doubts of Rob Gronkowski. Either way Brady will need to play puppet master and pull all the right strings to get the win, of which he is definitely capable.

Lions @ Packers – Packers 0-6

Another close match-up takes place at Lambeau field, Lions are another team who are silencing some critics this season, whilst the Packers are always a tough proposition on home soil.

Seahawks @ Colts – Seahawks 7-12

Andrew Luck is showing no signs of the second season blues, at the same time reinforcing the decision to release manning last season with some extremely mature dispalys. But the Seahawks have been unstopable so far and are our pick as this seasons dark horse, this is definitely one of the days most tantalising matches.

Ravens @ Dolphins – Dolphins 13-18

Ravens can definitely expect some serious backlash from the Dolphins after their performance at the Saints and with mixed performances so far, the Sun Life Stadium may make for an uncomfortable night for the current champions.

Eagles @ Giants – Eagles 7-12

Its safe to say the Giants are having a nightmare and show no signs of breaking their luck, hosting one of college footballs more impreseve coaches and the Eagles impressive offence, thing don’t look like easing up anytime soon.

Jaguars @ Rams – Rams 13-18

Jaguars are staying true to form this season and with the Rams showing some signs of improvement, even if only slight; anything other than a Rams win would be a surprise.

Cheifs @ Titans – Titans 0-6

Andy Reid is the afore mentioned coach who the Eagles sacked and is now in charge at Kansas. His results so far have asked some big questions of that decision, but the Titans also look like a team on the rise and could inflict Reid’s first loss of the season.

Panthers @ Cardinals – Panthers 7-12

This match doesn’t really set our pulses racing if we’re brutaly honest, neither team are likely to set the league on fire; but this could be a good opportunity to get a win on the board for either of them.

Broncos @ Cowboys – Broncos 13-18

This is the match we’ll be watching as it promises to be exhilirating. Manning is in excellent form and having found a new target in Wes Welker, the Broncos offensive line looks positively frightening.

Texans @ 49ers 49ers – 0-6

San Fransisco have had a mixed start to the season going 2-2-0, but despite two loses they are still showing signs of the quality that took them to the superbowl. Facing a tough Houston side who are also in the same form will be a tough task but home advantage could prove the difference.

Chargers @ Raiders – Chargers 13-18

Personally we’re pleased to see Oakland get an early victory this year, having a fan as a friend, but even the most hardened Raiders fan would have mixed feelings about their chances here.

Jets @ Falcons – Falcons 19-24

This will probably feel more like a practise session to Matt Ryan and the Falcons. The Jets have been extremely poor so far and it wouldn’t surprise me if they are already planning for next year; without Mark Sanchez.