Cheltenham Festival Competition Day 3 Round Up


Mooroe’s Cheltenham Competition 2013 

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Day 3 at Cheltenham provided the Bookies with a fantastic day, as no favourites entered the winners’ enclosure. It has to be mentioned though that none of the winners should feel like they don’t deserve their victory. For us, it was great to see lesser known jockeys battle out those who are more experienced.

I personally was happy to see Dynaste and First Lieutenant lose, given that I believe they should have been competing in bigger races; but for their retrospective owners deciding to go for so called easier prizes.

Our thoughts go out to JT McNamara however who has suffered a serious neck injury when falling from Galaxy Rock, lets hope it is not as bad as it sounds.

1Simon Shepherd2053£132.90
2Lee Fenney2033£71.88
3Ged Swan2024£48.00
4Dave Moore2043£47.75
5Keith Phillips2069£43.87
6Chris Bazley2039£42.81
7Dave Hammond2054£37.46
8Jim McGrellis2012£35.00
9Tom Batters2055£31.46
10Ross Preston2067£30.78
11Steve Watkins2057£30.65
12Ian Bradburn2055£24.28
13Sam McMahon2042£20.90
14Mark Nuttall2041£17.63
15Joan Leach2034£11.38
16Gary Didsbury2031£5.90
17Andy Bennett2053£5.85
18Rob Stocks2042£5.02
19Avril Moore2022£4.13
20Dave Gates2026£3.77
21Nik Jenkins2015£2.50
22Chris Harry2053£2.46
23James Orme2043£1.58
24Ian Greener2055£0.40
25Ian Greener (3rd String)2037£0.40
26Jo Dorman2007-£1.25
27Tony McCombe2073-£1.29
28Dave Phillips2054-£1.84
29Chris Blackburn2066-£4.00
30Kerry Smith2014-£7.50
31Lee Catterall2045-£8.19
32Gill Dearden2046-£10.04
33Andy Brierley2056-£11.03
34Craig Jones2035-£11.60
35Gareth Holt2032-£12.30
36Tommy Sanwell2038-£13.94
37Dean Hamill2025-£15.88
38Neil Woods2011-£19.50
39Matt Edwards2047-£19.54
40Matt Bryan2042-£19.79
41George Lloyd2055-£24.59
42Chris Snelson2028-£24.67
43Jane Heyes2037-£27.10
44Martin Woods2054-£27.91
45Ian Greener (2nd String)2047-£30.47
46Darren Tyms2044-£30.79
47Joe Comins2024-£31.38
48Alan Cunningham2043-£35.04
49Colin Lejeune2033-£35.13
50Ian Wood2012-£35.31
51Roy Leach2054-£35.47
52Wes Farrington2024-£36.68
53Natalie Douglas2035-£37.29
54Dave Herrity2006-£37.75
55Louise Roberts2043-£39.81
56Dean Tynan2026-£41.16
57Jay Cumpper2025-£41.98
58Sam Riley2033-£43.31
59James Stocks2033-£45.85
60Ian Knowles2045-£45.97
61Rob Chirnside2014-£48.25
62Ste Gardner2017-£49.74
63Ste Hughes2032-£50.79
64Steve Stewart2014-£52.44
65Martin Whitehead2024-£54.13
66Ryan Williamson2005-£55.06
67Gill Douglas2025-£57.42
68Wes Jones2013-£58.75
69Rob Glorman2004-£59.50
70Paul Curbishley2024-£60.31
71Peter Doolan2013-£60.75
72Dave Moore (2nd String)2006-£60.88
73Ross Jenkins2005-£61.00
74Calum Madell2023-£66.10
75Val Robertson2022-£67.44
76Ian Knowles (2nd String)2003-£68.50
77Ant Glorman2012-£69.50