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At Place a Bet Online we consider ourselves more than just a website, we like to think we are one great big community for likeminded people; regardless of age or gender.

twitterDo you like to bet on sports, talk about sports or offer your tips and advice to those who ask for or need it, then Place a Bet Online is the place for you.

Whether it’s to give you somewhere to lay your hat and relax after a hard day’s work, or gear up before a big match, we’ve set up pages and communities across the social media spectrum.

Place a Bet Online now have dedicated pages on Twitter and Google+, so whatever social media site your linked to, you can still keep up to date with all the latest news, offers, banter and competitions.

google+We welcome open conversations from all our followers, and expect them to offer up their thoughts on events and share their experiences and stories, both good and bad; but obviously keep it clean and light hearted.

The resident Place a Bet Online experts will also be on hand giving regular tips. Unlike other tipster or betting forums, we wouldn’t give you a tip for a horse, football match, tennis game or accumulator that we wouldn’t be prepared to back ourselves.

To reward you for joining our little social circle, we will also be posting competitions of all shapes and sizes to all our members.

If you’ve been brought here through one of our other promotions and sports just isn’t your cup of tea then don’t worry. Although we’re passionate about sport, we appreciate that sports betting only makes up small portion of people who like to play and bet online.

You’ll be kept up to date with all the bingo, casino, poker and gaming offers. From bonus money to new customers to complimentary game offers for existing customers, you can even get news on new games you may enjoy.

But whatever your reason for being here we want you to stay and make yourself at home, so join us on one of the social sites.

We like to make everyone feel welcome, and give you a place to make friends and hopefully make some money along the way.