Weird Sports Stinging Nettle Eating

I have managed to find an eating sport that I would probably NOT want to take part in, stinging nettle eating.

Just so you know, we are talking about this:

The Stinging Nettle eating championship home page, contains the expected information.

How it works

Competitors have an hour to eat as many stinging nettle leaves from pre cut stalks as possible.

To be a competitor you can fill in an online form and pay £5 entry fee on the day; if you win you get a £100 prize as well as a trophy. To win (if there really are any winners in this competition), you need to have eaten the most leafless stalks of all of the competitors.

Sounds easy, but a quick look at some of the pictures on that website and it looks like you pay for every leaf you eat.

Refreshingly there aren’t that many rules but those that do exist are: no home grown nettles, no bathroom visits during the hour, no mouth-numbing substances.

Drinking beer is allowed so it’s not all bad. Looking at some peoples techniques they dip the leaves in the beer; I don’t know, maybe a drunk leaf doesn’t hurt as much.

This year’s competition took place at the George Inn in Dorset, food is served from 12 midday, presumably not nettles though! It does look like the championships are held in different areas as the following YouTube video is about Marshwood in Dorset.

But the video seems to encapsulate the event well:

There we are the Stinging Nettle eating competition. As a person who gets the hiccups when the food is too hot, I think I will be giving this particular competition a wide berth. Also you have to wonder if they sting as much on the way out, as they do on the way in?